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Cost Saving Benefits of Using Fusion Technology:

  • Productivity Increases

  • Tool Life Increases

  • Dry, Clean Parts

  • Improved Chip & Swarf Control

  • Single Channel System

  • Elimination of Cutting Fluids

  • Operating Costs Decrease

  • Dry Cutting Chips

  • Scrap Value Increases 

​Supercritical carbon dioxide mql and Coolant System

heat: metal-cutting's number one challenge

Today's ​metalworking fluids compromise cooling for lubrication. Add oil and you reduce cooling. Add water and you reduce lubricity. ​Oil-in-air minimum quantity lubrication can lubricate but doesn't cool​ well​. Liquid nitrogen can cool but doesn't lubricat​​e​ well​.

the fusion solution

Only Fusion Coolant System's supercritical carbon dioxide gives maximum cooling and lubrication potential at the same time, increasing productivity and reducing system-level costs. Fusion's supercritical solution flows to the point of machining as a single-phase system and is released from high pressure, producing a strong cooling effect and delivering dry, or enhanced lubrication. Call us today to realize the cost saving benefits of using Fusion's heat management ​and lubrication ​technology with your manufacturing applications.

SECO Tool's Manufacturing Best-Practice Event:
Inspiration Through Innovation; Manufacturing Best Practice Event at SECO UK, Alcester. 

Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine
Fusion featured in the Look Ahead section of CTE's June 2015 edition. 

​Pure-Cut and Lube-Cut to be available options on Willemin machines in August 2015. 

Employment Opportunities
Currently accepting resumes for an Applications Engineer

Horkos Corporation
Fusion is now a standard option on Horkos machining centers. 


Medical Implants & Instruments

Fusion has the unique ability to machine parts without oils, emulsions or synthetics. The Pure-Cut 1000 produces a dry, clean part while lowering operation costs, increasing productivity and improving operator environment.

Aerospace, Defense & Power Generation

Increased productivity with Titanium, Inconel and other heat recalcitrant materials.

Automotive & Heavy Equipment

Increased productivity with hard steels, aluminum, CGI and other common auto materials.


A Michigan Co., Based in Detroit

Fusion Coolant Systems was developed by researcher, educator and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Steven Skerlos​Fusion's R&D facility is fully staffed with CNC milling and turning capabilities.

True Innovation

Fusion provides an advanced heat management system that offers benefits not achieved by any other metal cutting technology available today. The Fusion coolant system delivers controllable levels of cooling and lubrication to work zones that are difficult to manage and difficult to reach. 


Pure-Cut 1000

The Pure-Cut 1000 (shown above) delivers supercritical carbon dioxide based cooling  and lubrication. Critical for applications where cleanliness is important, such as, medical implants.

Lube-Cut 1600

The Lube-Cut 1600 delivers supercritical carbon dioxide and cools with enhanced lubrication, critical for applications where controllable lubrication is necessary.


We offer complete turn-key solutions, including, carbon dioxide storage tanks, carbon dioxide pumps and carbon dioxide. 

​​​​​​​​​A disruptive technology ​changing the standards of manufacturing. ​Welcome to the (r)evolution