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Pure-Cut® for Efficient Titanium Machining for Medical Implants

Pure-Cut® technology offers shorter cycle times, longer tool life, and higher-quality titanium medical implant components.

Unrivaled Precision with Pure-Cut®

Machine titanium medical implants safer, with shorter cycle times, longer tool life, and with unmatched precision.

Pure-Cut® revolutionizes the machining of titanium for medical end-uses such as hip replacements, knee replacements, femoral stems, acetabular cups, tibial trays, and much more.

We guarantee improvements to your medical CNC machining metrics for titanium implants.


Application: Medical Device Turning

No Oil, 100% Clean Machining, 20% Faster, 20% Longer Tool Life


This medical application shows Pure-Cut using ZERO oil for 100% clean machining.


Pure-Cut with no oil sees similar or better results than traditional cutting fluids, with the added bonus of clean machining.


In this application, Pure-Cut was 20% faster with 20% longer tool life.

Medical Device Turning-tiatnium-turning

Risk-Free Contracts: No Up-Front Capital Required

We understand the challenges of investing in new technology in the medical machining space, which is why we have a no-upfront-capital-required option. We're so confident that Pure-Cut will deliver powerful manufacturing improvements for your titanium medical implant production, our risk-free contracts will get you access to cutting-edge machining capabilities without the capital hurdle.


Precision Titanium Machined Medical Implants with Pure-Cut®

Precision is paramount in the use of titanium for medical implants, especially in knee and hip replacements, owing to its exceptional biocompatibility, strength, and resistance to corrosion.
Achieving precise fit and alignment is critical in knee replacements, where titanium components like femoral and tibial implants restore mobility and alleviate discomfort caused by conditions like arthritis or joint damage.
Precision plays a vital role in hip replacements, with titanium components such as femoral stems and acetabular cups ensuring optimal fit and function, thus enhancing stability and durability in orthopedic procedures and enhancing patients' well-being.

Eliminate the Need for Extra Downstream Cleaning Stations with Pure-Cut®

Pure-Cut® revolutionizes the machining of titanium medical components by eliminating the need for extensive downstream cleaning processes. Our advanced coolant technology ensures that machining operations are conducted with exceptional cleanliness and precision right from the start. By reducing residue and contaminants during the cutting process, Pure-Cut® minimizes post-machining cleaning efforts significantly. This not only saves valuable time but also enhances operational efficiency and ensures that medical components meet stringent quality standards without compromise. With Pure-Cut®, manufacturers can streamline their production workflows, achieve superior surface finishes, and deliver flawless titanium medical implants reliably and efficiently.

Pure-Cut® + Titanium Medical Implants = Better Manufacturing Outcomes

We focus on meeting stringent specifications to ensure proper fit and function within the human body.
We understand that the success of titanium orthopedic implants hinges on precision machining techniques.
We focus on developing a complete cutting solution for your medical titanium implant manufacturing challenges.
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