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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, Pure-Cut®, and Pure-Cut®+




Can my existing machine coolant “plumbing” be used?

Yes. Pure-Cut® and Pure-Cut®+ require only minor modifications to the machine tool. The machine can also go back and forth from traditional cutting fluids to pure-cut if desired.

Do modifications need to be made to my machine?

Minimal modifications need to be made to existing machinery.

Can my existing tooling be used?

Yes. Existing tools can be used but may need to be modified. We recommend a slightly modified tool for optimum efficiency. Many of the leading tool manufacturers now make tools specifically for supercritical co2.

What is the source of the carbon dioxide?

The carbon dioxide used when Pure-Cutting comes from recycled sources. Pure-Cut gives waste CO2 a second life before being released.

What are typical CO2 consumption rates?

Typical Consumption is 2-10KG per hour, per machine.

Do I have to dedicate my machine to this coolant system?

No. The machine tool can be used for either Pure-Cut or traditional cutting fluids. Using Pure-Cut does not dedicate your machine strictly to supercritical co2.

Is Supercritical C02 considered cryogenic coolant?

No. While cryogenics are liquid, Pure-Cut and Pure-Cut+ use supercritical CO2 in its supercritical state. Due to the joules Thomson effect, the CO2 is released cold. See the supercritical co2 page for more information.

Why is Pure-Cut technology such a compelling new solution for the machining sector?

Using supercritical carbon dioxide as a machine cutting coolant and lubricant eliminates many of the risk factors associated with traditional cutting fluids. Health and safety factors include dermatitis, hypersensitivity, pneumonitis, cancer, and risks of bacterial infection. In addition, it eliminates water pollution, lowers companies carbon footprint and makes recycling of chips easier – all while delivering massive increases to tool life and cycle time. 

Isn’t CO2 bad for the atmosphere? How is this more sustainable?

No new CO2 emissions are created from Pure-Cut. All CO2 used comes from reclaimed sources from other industrial processes.

In fact, the carbon footprint is reduced by reducing tool use and increasing machine tool utilization. 

Isn’t CO2 dangerous for people’s health?

OHSA maintains guidelines to keep factory CO2 concentrations below 5000ppm on average over 8 hours. Pure-Cut generally maintains CO2 concentrations far below – and installs sensor system just to double check. The system would shut down automatically if CO2 levels rise beyond OSHA requirements.

For Pure-Cut®+ what oil can I use?

With Pure-Cut+, you can use any low paraffin oil. Unlike with traditional coolants, Pure-Cut+ usually uses about 15-30 mL/hr of lubricant.



Can this be easily scaled to my production facility?

Yes. Fusion Coolant Systems offers infrastructure options that can be implemented on a company who has one machine, or hundreds of machines using Pure-Cut™.

Does anyone else utilize supercritical carbon dioxide as a machining coolant and lubrication?

No. Although supercritical CO2 is commonly found in other industries, such as decaffeinating coffee, essential oils, etc., Fusion owns the patent to utilizing it as a machining coolant and lubrication.

Why is this method considered a green technology vs traditional cutting fluids?

Traditional cutting fluids are hazards to human health. 

Pure-Cut eliminates those hazards. Plus, the chips produced from the process are cleaner, easier to recycle, and worth more money.

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