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Significant Machining Capacity and Expansive Research Facility

Fusion Coolant Systems helps companies looking for a cleaner, safer and more productive alternative to traditional cutting fluids.

Sustainable Development and Innovation

Fusion Coolant Systems serves some of the largest automotive, aerospace and medical device manufacturers around the world with sustainable solutions for advanced cooling and lubrication. A newly expanded Customer Center in Canton, MI supports companies looking for a sustainable approach to traditional cutting fluids.

recycled co2

Recycled Carbon Dioxide

Showcasing CO2 infrastructure with recycled CO2 supporting Pure-Cut®.


Customer Test Applications

Testing for specific use cases.


Internal R&D

Exploring different materials and operations.


Customer Engagement

Allowing customers to see simple and seamless integration of Pure-Cut and Pure-Cut®+.

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Sustainable Operation with Recycled Supercritical CO2

“The CO2 infrastructure we installed at our own facility is very similar to what our customers install at their sites. It allows customers coming through to see how easy it is to integrate into their operation and lets them see just how small the footprint really is.”

- Scott Jones, Director of Engineering.

Secure Facilities for Confidential Projects

In addition to a customer center, Fusion Coolant Systems headquarters maintains secure space for customer-specific data and tools.

Supercritical CO2 on Display

The facility has fully integrated and advanced infrastructure in place that can handle up to 10 Pure-Cut systems with recycled CO2.

Enhanced Video and Data Acquisition Tools

Customers can easily share the data and video of their parts being Pure-Cut with colleagues.


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