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Precision CNC Milling of Plastic Medical Implants with Pure-Cut®️

Pure-Cut® technology offers unparalleled UHMWPE & PEEK milling machining precision, efficiency, cleanliness, and quality in every component.

Reduce Cycle Times by 50% with Pure-Cut®

Improve critical metrics when milling PEEK & UHMWPE medical implants with Pure-Cut®

Pure-Cut® revolutionizes the machining of PEEK and UHMWPE plastics in the CNC milling application. With a guaranteed 95% burr-free result and drastic improvements to cycle times, we are setting a new standard for excellence in medical manufacturing.

When milling PEEK & UHMWPE medical implants with Pure-Cut® we guarantee 95% burr-free results or better.


Pure-Cut® Guarantees


95% burr-free CNC milling of plastic medical implants and we will help you reach 100% quickly.


We guarantee 50% reduction in milling cycles for PEEK and UHMWPE medical implant machining.


Get up and running with Pure-Cut® in as little as 6 weeks with no up-front capital required.


Risk-Free Contracts: No Up-Front Capital Required

We understand the challenges of investing in new technology in the medical machining space, which is why we have a no-upfront-capital-required option. We're so confident that Pure-Cut will deliver powerful manufacturing improvements for your plastic medical implant production, our risk-free contracts will get you access to cutting-edge machining capabilities without the capital hurdle.


Achieve Consistently Burr-Free Finishes when Milling Plastics with Pure-Cut®️

Our cutting-edge technology excels in milling applications and delivers smooth, burr-free surfaces essential for plastic medical implants. By minimizing tool wear and optimizing cutting parameters, Pure-Cut®️ ensures each component meets exacting specifications, reducing post-machining finishing time.

Streamline Production with Guaranteed Cleanliness

Say goodbye to extra post-milling cleaning stations. Pure-Cut®️ eliminates the need for extensive downstream cleaning processes by utilizing advanced coolant technology. This ensures that each plastic medical implant is milled in a pristine environment, free from contaminants that could compromise performance and safety. Our eco-friendly coolant reduces environmental impact while upholding high machining standards. With Pure-Cut®️ you not only improve operational efficiency but also contribute to a greener future for plastic medical implant manufacturing.

Pure-Cut® + Milling Plastic Medical Implants = Better Manufacturing Outcomes

Precision milling of PEEK and UHMWPE guarantees that each medical implant meets strict dimensional and geometric specifications, ensuring proper functionality and fit.
Cleanliness in milling processes eliminates contaminants that could interfere with biocompatibility.
Adhering to high standards of precision and cleanliness ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, safeguarding end-use safety and satisfaction.
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