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In the Air, on the Road, and Inside the Human Body

Technology productive enough for mass-produced auto parts, clean enough for parts that go inside the human body.

In the air, on the road, and inside the human body

Pure-Cut® advanced cooling and lubricant solutions are designed for clean machining of precision-critical components that go in the air, on the road, or inside the human body. Our solutions provide cooling and lubricant for any metals, from aluminum to Inconel – on any CNC operation where there is a cutting surface that needs to be cooled and lubricated.

Quick, efficient, lower-cost lubricant solution for any metal cutting operation that needs cooling and lubrication.




More efficient cutting of titanium, Inconel, and other heat recalcitrant materials.


Use Pure-Cut or Pure-Cut+ to increase productivity.


Decrease cycle time and lengthen tool life.


Example: Stainless Steel Aerospace Drilling

Fusion helped develop a through-tool cutting process with 0.080mm-0.100mm diameter coolant holes.

  • Fusion Product: Pure-Cut
  • Before Fusion: 7-second cut-time and 50-hole tool life with water based coolant.
  • After Fusion: <1-second cut-time and 2750-hole tool life with supercritical carbon dioxide dry-cutting process.
  • Results: >7x productivity improvement, incredible tool life improvement, and significantly reduced piece-cost.

Automotive and Heavy Duty

cut carbon steel
Cut carbon steel, aluminum, CGI and any other common auto materials.
Use Pure-Cut+ for innovative cooling and optimal lubrication.
Dramatically lengthen tool life and cycle times.



Example: Alloy Steel Automotive Milling

Fusion delivered lubrication more efficiently with supercritical carbon dioxide and significantly lowered cutting forces while reducing heat.

  • Fusion Product: Pure-Cut+
  • Before Fusion: 600 parts per tool with dry-cutting process.
  • After Fusion: 1200+ parts per tool with Pure-Cut.
  • Results: 2x tool life improvement, saving the end-user over $1 million annually in carbide alone.

Medical Implants and Instruments

Machine parts with zero oils, emulsions or synthetics, eliminating the cleaning steps in the production process.
Use Pure-Cut to produce a dry, clean part.
Lower costs
Lower operation costs, increase productivity, and improve operator environment.
medical implants

Example: Titanium Metal Implant Turning 

A medical implant company could differentiate their production with faster feed rates and clean parts, while maintaining or improving tool life.

  • Fusion Product: Pure-Cut
  • Before Fusion: 15-minute cut-time with water-based coolant.
  • After Fusion: 5-minute cut-time with Pure-Cut.
  • Results: Parts were machined dry and clean. Pure-Cut also improved tool life by 20%, reduced downstream cleaning operations, and eliminated the cutting fluid waste stream. Reduced manufacturing costs by over 25%.

See Pure-Cut and Pure-Cut+ in Action