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The Difference is Supercritical

Different from cryogenics or liquid nitrogen, supercritical carbon dioxide brings unprecedented sustainability and efficiency to CNC machining.

The Supercritical Difference

Decrease Cycle Time, Improve Cut Quality, and Extend Tool Life

Supercritical CO2 inherently provides lubrication effects that match those of traditional cutting fluids. A simple solution for lubrication and cooling, supercritical CO2 is a fluid state of CO2 held above its critical temperature and critical pressure. At this point, the CO2 looks like a gas, but has the density of a liquid – providing powerful cooling and lubrication for machine tools with minimal integration challenges for your manufacturing facility. Supercritical CO2 can also carry and disperse chilled nanodroplets of oil for even more powerful lubrication.


New or Existing Machine Tool With Minimal Modifications

Pure-Cut® and Pure-Cut®+ were designed to use supercritical CO2 for cooling, lubrication, and advanced chip removal. Pure-Cut and Pure-Cut+ do not overhaul machine tools like cryogenic or liquid nitrogen coolants. Instead, they work with existing machine tools, delivering CO2 in it's supercritical state into the cutting process and providing advanced coolant and minimal quantity lubricant if needed.


Outperform Cryogenic or Liquid Nitrogen Solutions

  • Liquid Nitrogen: Compared to liquid nitrogen, Pure-Cut and Pure-Cut+ use supercritical CO2, a pressurized and heated CO2, which is 100% compatible with existing, through spindle machine tools.
  • Cryogenics: Compared to cryogenics, Pure-Cut and Pure-Cut+ use supercritical CO2 and require minimal machine modifications that can easily be changed to use other cooling and lubricants later.
Supercritical CO2 comparison chart

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Decrease Cycle Time

Massive speed improvements compared to traditional cutting fluids and cryogenics.


Improve Surface Finish

Precise surface finish when micron-level differences matter.


Extend Tool Life

Tools last significantly longer than with traditional lubricant in most materials.


Sustainable Machining

Lower carbon footprint and eliminate worker exposure to fluid chemicals.


Simple Integration

Easy to integrate into current machine tools. Easy to revert to traditional cutting fluids, if desired.


Minimal Downtime

Efficient operation and decreased maintenance.



Pure-Cut uses only supercritical CO2 for dry machining, ideal for applications such as the medical industry where 100% clean environments and precise surfaces are absolutely critical.



Pure-Cut+ offers a solution for cutting applications where tool life and cycle time productivity gains impact the bottom line, and controllable lubrication is imperative.


Supercritical CO2 used for Pure-Cut and Pure-Cut+ comes from recycled sources, both saving cost and decreasing your carbon footprint.


Interested in learning more about bringing supercritical CO2 to your application?