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Steve Skerlos

Founder & Chief Technology Officer



Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Meet Steve Skerlos

Steve Skerlos is Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Civil and Environmental Engineering, at the University of Michigan. He discovered and led the development of Supercritical CO2 as a material removal fluid and is known internationally for his research of sustainable technology systems. Professor Skerlos received the highest honor that the University of Michigan offers for excellence in teaching after his work with student teams in over a dozen countries, in addition to his creation of new courses, centers, and programs.

Prior to founding Fusion Coolant Systems, Professor Skerlos co-founded Accuri Cytometers to reduce the cost and footprint of cell analysis in the biotechnology sector, resulting in the creation of over 100 jobs in Michigan and a sale of the company to BD Biosciences for $205M.  

Professor Skerlos is known for deep expertise in the areas of product design, manufacturing, and water. He comes alongside forward-thinking manufacturers with Supercritical CO2 – permitting breakthrough increases in speeds and tool life while improving surface finish and eliminating critical environmental and health impacts.

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